3 Ways to Make Your Home Smarter

There is so much development taking place in the world of electronics and digital, and it’s not just restricted to the device in your pocket! We are seeing the world of home technology coming into its own and at Blue Air & Electrical we are proud to be part of this revolution in home technology.

We wanted to share this short article with you which we wrote to discuss three ways that you can make your home ‘smarter’. When we say smarter, we are talking about making your home more efficient and energy-wise.


MyAir Smart Home Systems

If you have ever been lying in bed and had to get up to adjust the air-con because it’s too hot or cold, then you will love the MyAir Smart Home System. This intelligent system can be controlled from a single smart device and can be adjusted and powered with the touch of a button.

You can integrate this air conditioning unit with your MyPlace App, which allows you to access your air conditioner and activate it from anywhere. So if you want to warm up your bedroom before you head upstairs from the lounge, you can. Same with cooling down the home on a hot day before you get in with the kids. MyAir makes comfort simple.

  • Control up to ten zones with the push of a button
  • Control your system from your device without the hassle
  • Schedule your air conditioner and keep things efficient


MyLights Smart Home System

When it comes to security and efficiency, the MyLights Smart Home System is a great choice for any homeowner. This intelligent system works in a similar way to the MyAir system and gives you total control over your lights via your smart phone.

This reliable system comes with a five year warranty and can be trusted to keep on shining for years to come. This is a great Australian-made product which gives you the freedom to control lights and keep your property secure – thanks to the ease of functionality.

  • Turn on lights when you are coming home
  • Turn off lights from bed once you are ready for sleep
  • Ensure optimum efficiency in the home with the MyLights App


Que Air Conditioning

This is an incredible system which offers smart air-conditioning to Australian homeowners and provides optimum efficiency. You can set each room with ease and ensure precise air flow, temperature controls, flexible zone mapping and ultimate automation with pre-sets and scheduling.

At Blue Air, we offer the Que air conditioning operating system to complement the smart home choices you make. Que makes air conditioning a breeze!

  • Opt for the entire range of the Que system with a touchscreen controller, Que zone temperature operators, Que sensors for ease of operation and Que connect for mobile functionality
  • Blue Air can install your Que air conditioning unit and ensure its optimum function in your home
  • Que ensures efficient operation and in-depth monitoring, so you always know where you stand with your power bills and usage


Move into the Digital Age of Smart Home Tech with Blue Air & Electrical

We are committed to providing a quality installation of your smart home technology and are the trusted name in air conditioning and electrical works in Brisbane. Call us today on (07) 3245 7111 or get in touch online to get started with your smart home conversion. We look forward to discussing your options with you!

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