Energy Saving & Air Conditioner Efficiency Advice – Tips to ensure you get the maximum benefit from your air conditioner.

  • Shut windows and external doors when operating your air conditioner. Close curtains on hot summer days and cold winter nights.
  • Minimize the area being cooled or heated by shutting doors to unused rooms – and shut off zones not in use
  • Clean filters regularly for unobstructed air flow following the manufacturer’s suggested cleaning cycle
  • Position the air conditioner outdoor unit in a shady spot – or create shade for it.
  • Ensure good airflow around the outdoor unit
  • Set the thermostat of a heated room in winter to between 18-21°C. The temperature of a cooled room in summer should be about 23-26°C (remember the humidity indoors will be low, so it will feel cooler). The temperature should be checked after the air conditioner has been operating for 30 minutes.
  • When a hot day is expected, turn on the air conditioner early rather than wait till the building becomes hot (it operates more efficiently when the outside air temperature is cooler).
  • If the machine has adjustable louvers, adjust them towards the ceiling when cooling, and towards the floor when heating (as cool air falls, hot air rises).
  • Reduce the amount of heat entering the building by shading windows and walls, insulating ceilings and walls and sealing any draughts.
  • Open windows and external doors if the outside temperature is lower than the inside temperature, instead of using the air conditioner.


When selecting an air conditioner, look for:

  • Programmable timer and thermostat controls. Set your air conditioner at the highest temperature setting at which you still feel cool enough, 25ºC is usually adequate. Each 1°C increase of the thermostat setting will save about 10% on your energy usage
  • Movement sensors, which reduce power and energy usage when the room is unoccupied
  • ‘Sleep’/quiet’ mode & ‘Turbo’ mode that automatically adjust thermostat settings and fan speed (and associated noise levels)
  • The EER (Energy Efficiency Rating)
  • Economy settings
  • Multi-speed fans
  • Fans that can ramp down to as low as 17% (Actron only) when only 1 zone is on.
  • Compressors which can ramp down to only 10% of capacity when only 1 zone is on (Actron only)
  • Adjustable and rotating louvers (split systems)
  • Remote thermostats and controls
  • Individual room temperature control (Actron ESP Ultima & ESP Ultima Platinum)
  • Inverter technology and the new more energy efficient TRU inverter technology

By selecting the right ducted air conditioner it is possible to save as much as 75% of your air conditioner electricity bill!  This is based on real energy modeling comparing traditional fixed speed air conditioners to the Actron ESP Ultima air conditioner that is totally unique.