Commercial Air Conditioning


Blue Air & Electrical is a leading Platinum Actron Installer and has installed numerous large Commercial Air Conditioning systems all over Brisbane ranging from 30 kW to 100 kW. Because of our reputation for quality workmanship, service and fair pricing, we have won substantial commercial installation projects in the South-East corner. Even as far as Sydney and Mackay.

Whether it is cooling or heating a small office, a large retail front shop or restaurant, a church building or auditorium seating 5000 people, a massive factory’s processing area or an office block – we have the expert knowledge, skills and experience to deliver a superior product on time and within budget.

Although we usually install ACTRON we also support and use other brands like DAIKIN. Please call us on 07 3245 7111 to discuss your project.


Your trusted One-Stop-Shop

With Blue Air & Electrical you also work with only one subcontractor instead of multiple subcontractors. As Aircon and Electrical Specialists we do all of the following:


  • Air conditioning System Design
  • Air conditioner Installation
  • Flexible or metal duct work
  • Dehumidification of processing plants or labs


  • Electrical installation whether aircon related or completely separate
  • Upgrading /Replacing / Installing new electrical Switch Boards
  • Upgrading to or installing new 3-phase power
  • Installing new electrical sockets (single or 3-phase)
  • Installing data points



Cutting edge air conditioning technology

Actron has recently launched its new Tri-capacity series (see last two options below) which enables it to run at 33%, 67% or 100% capacity – not always at 100% like most conventional types. This means that as we move into a cooler month for instance, (or early mornings, nights or late afternoons) the aircon system automatically ramps down and uses less electricity. Better for the environment, saving in running cost and improved user comfort are three great reasons to look at this product.

In designing your air conditioning system, we have the following alternative Actron options available to you – so whatever the size or the need or whatever the application – we’ll have a solution:


Commercial Split System Units (7 – 71 kW)


Commercial Rooftop Packaged Units (15 – 96 kW)


Highest Efficiency Variable Capacity Packaged Units (HERCULES)
Model: PKV1400 (30-140kW)
Model: PKV1700 (42-169 kW)


Commercial New Tri-Capacity (energy efficient) Packaged Units (47 – 96 kW)


Commercial New Tri-Capacity (energy efficient) Split Ducted Units (47 – 71 kW)



Actron comes with a
2-Year Commercial Warranty.



Air conditioners can only dehumidify air to a point, but where you need industrial dehumidification of air to as low as 50%Rh and a temperature of only 16°Celsius, you need something more.

Our energy efficient air conditioning & dehumidification units are perfect for supermarkets, hospitals, office buildings, food processing plants and other applications that require fresh, clean, dry air.

The industrial dehumidifier units we use are extremely energy efficient packaged dehumidifiers with optional pre-cooling – either by direct expansion or using chilled water.
The unit works with a desiccant rotor that absorbs moisture from the air stream. The desiccant is then reactivated by a heat-pump that gets energy from the entering outdoor air making it very energy efficient.

These units can dehumidify outdoor air down to very low humidity levels which means that condensation, mould, wet coils and ducts are eliminated. If you would like to know more about Dehumidification or any of our other products and services, please call us on 07 3245 7111


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