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Things to Consider Before a Residential Ducted Aircon Installation

Here are just some of the things to think about before deciding on a ducted air conditioning system:

  • Do you choose a ducted aircon installation that can handle both heating and cooling?
  • Are you looking for temperature controlled zones for complete comfort?
  • How efficient do you want your aircon to be? See a side-by-side comparison on our Handy Info page. Aircons with a dump zone are quite simply wasting your energy.
  • How noisy can your ducted air conditioning system be? Consider the outdoor unit noise level and the sleep mode indoor noise level.
  • Is the insulating rating of the air conditioning ducting correct for air conditioners based in Brisbane or Queensland?
  • Which type of ceiling diffusers suit your home styling?

Your Residential Air Conditioning Installation Questions Answered

Which Reverse Cycle Ducted Air Conditioning unit is the Quietest?

Which Ducted Air Conditioning system is the most Energy Efficient?

What Does Ducted Air Conditioning Cost?

The cost of your ducted air conditioning will depend on a few factors:

The specific brand or series/model

Daikin air conditioners, for instance, have two options: Standard Inverter Daikin Aircon or Premium Inverter Daikin Air Conditioners. The latter is more energy efficient but is about 15% more expensive. The same thing applies for ACTRON – ESP+ and ESP+ Platinum. It just depends on your budget and your priorities. The more energy efficient units are dearer initially but save you money year after year.

The size of the ducted air conditioning system

You need the correct size (in kW) for the space to cope with a 35-degree day with high humidity. Also consider orientation of room (east/west, for instance, have different heat loads), heat generating equipment, size and orientation of windows, etc.

Do you want zone control to switch zones on/off?

Want to cool your living room without having to cool your whole home? Ensure you have zone control for your air conditioning unit. You can also choose an app that allows you to switch your system on and off when you’re not at home.

Do you want the comfort of individual/different temperature control for each room?

It may be important for you to be able to change different rooms in your home to different temperatures, in which case temperature controlled zones are a non-negotiable ‘yes’ for you!

What type of control system do you want?

Standard wall controller, Premium touchpad wall controller or Smartphone controller?

In our experience…

As a rough indication, the cost of ducted air conditioning of a mid-size 14 kW system can range from ~$10,000 incl GST with no zone control, to ~$18,000 with 8 zones, temperature control in each room, and the best inverter technology on the market which is 75% cheaper to run than a traditional fixed speed ducted air conditioner of the same size. The top of the range air conditioning system is also Wi-Fi enabled so you can control it from your Smartphone and has R-1 rated ducting and Stylish Round ceiling outlets. We can provide you with a quote over the phone or after speaking to you – just call us to find out more.

ACTRON Ducted Air Conditioners

When it comes to low running costs, no other brand is as energy efficient (and as cheap to run) as ACTRON ESP+, ESP ULTIMA, ESP + Platinum & ESP ULTIMA PLATINUM and Que. That is why Blue Air has installed more ACTRON systems than any other brand.

Actron is a unique air conditioning system, and in many aspects, it is the best product on the Australian market – made by Australians for Australian conditions for over 30 years.

With ACTRON you can usually choose between 5 different Series/Ranges – depending on the kW size of the unit you require and the availability of 3-phase power.
Although this can become a bit confusing, we are here for you, and we will help you decide what is best for your family and your budget.

In short, here are the major differences between 5 Actron systems available to you – depending on size and power (single or 3-phase):

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ACTRON ESP Ultima Platinum
  • Same as ESP Ultima (Different temp. in each room)
  • With the new TRU inverter technology, it is 15% more energy efficient than ESP Ultima.
  • 60% + 15% = 75% saving in electricity running cost.
  • Equally to ESP + Platinum, it is the cheapest aircon to run on the market.
  • Individual temperatures & control in each room.
  •  Top of the range.

ACTRONESPPlatinum 300x115 - Ducted Residential Air Conditioning Systems
ACTRON ESP+ Platinum
  • Same as ESP + (Fan & compressor can slow down)
  • With the new TRU inverter technology, it is 15% more energy efficient than the ESP + above.
  • 60% + 15% = 75% saving in electricity running cost.
  • Cheapest aircon to run on the market!

ACTRONESPUltima 300x133 - Ducted Residential Air Conditioning Systems
  • Same as ESP+ above (Fan & compressor can slow down).
  • Added advantage of having different temperatures & temp.
  • Have control in each zone.
  • Like it a little cooler than other family members? Well then this is a good choice!

For ESP Plus Platinum or ESP Ultima Platinum, download the brochure below.

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  • This is a zoned system.
  • The compressor and fan can slow down to as little as 10% & 17% of capacity respectively as zones are switched off.
  • This saves heaps of electricity – it uses 60% less than conventional fixed speed air conditioners.
  • Totally unique & unchallenged in efficiency and a very popular choice.

ACTRON CLASSIC 300x67 - Ducted Residential Air Conditioning Systems
  • The fixed speed compressor always operates at 100% capacity.
  • The system can be zoned or un-zoned.
  • The compressor still operates at 100% even if some zones are switched off.
  • ‘Extra’ air is dumped in another zone.
  • This system is the least energy efficient, but most economically priced.

For an ACTRON Brochure featuring the Classic, ESP Plus or ESP Ultima, download the brochure below.

QUE – Control Without Compromise

Pair your chosen ducted air-conditioning system with QUE – The world’s most advanced integrated smart home air conditioning system. Que makes it easier than ever to manage air conditioning throughout your home. Have the ability to control temperature, humidity, fan speed, gas pressure and more, all through one control platform. With QUE, you truly have complete control at your fingertips. View our QUE page for more information.

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Cool Award

ActronAir ESP Plus ducted air conditioners won the inaugural COOL World Industry award in 2008. This trophy acknowledges the Actron’s ability to significantly and measurably reduce the impact of air conditioning on the environment.

What does this mean for you?

With significant energy savings of the Actron ESP+ & Ultima of 60%* (and now 75%* energy savings with the Platinum range), you’ll have more money in your pocket – year, after year, after year!

Energy modelling systems have proven that you will save around $900* a year on the running cost of a 14 kW ESP Plus Ducted Air Con – and the savings is more on larger systems.

While you may pay a little more initially for this amazing technology, you will save heaps in running cost over the life of your system – totally worth it!

*Compared to conventional fixed speed air conditioner

Perfect Control

Master Controller

MasterController - Ducted Residential Air Conditioning Systems

Zone Controller

Actron Zone Controller - Ducted Residential Air Conditioning Systems

Smartphone App

SmartphoneApp - Ducted Residential Air Conditioning Systems

Accurate Control Ensures Comfort Under Any Condition – In Summer or Winter

Actron Classic, ESP+ and ESP+ Platinum and Que are controlled by a Master Controller. ESP Ultima and ESP Ultima Platinum are controlled by not only Master Controllers but also individual zone controllers in each room.

With the optional ActronConnect Smartphone App, you can control any of the ESP+ or Ultima systems from anywhere in the world. Individual rooms can be switched on or off, the temperature adjusted by as little as ½ degree increments, fan speed adjusted or switched from cooling to heating. That’s what you call “Comfort at your fingertips!”

Have a look at these short videos:

Ducted Air Conditioning System Design

Whether you are in the planning stages of building your new dream home or need to install or replace a ducted aircon system in an existing home, we can assist with valuable design information and of course provide a quote.

Dave Malengret is a qualified electrician and refrigeration mechanic with over 25 years experience, (12 years of which he has been designing Air Conditioning systems for both residential & Commercial installations)

So, e-mail us your house plans or contact us for a site visit and we’ll work together to find you the best ducted air conditioning solution for comfort and affordability. You can fill out the contact form below now which will allow you to attach your house plans.

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Air Conditioner Installation: Ducted Air Conditioning Brisbane

How long does an air conditioner installation take?

For existing Houses: A ducted air conditioner installation is usually done over a day – or a 2-day period if it’s a really big installation with lots of air outlets, is a double storey, etc.

For NEW houses: Ducted Air Conditioning is usually installed during 2 phases on a house under construction.

  1. The first stage is called the ‘rough-in’. This stage is when the frame is up, and the roof is on. This is when the indoor air conditioner fan, zone motors, refrigeration pipes (leading to where the outdoor unit will be situated) and ducting is installed into the ceiling space. If it is a double story home ‘droppers’ that go from the upper floor ceiling to the downstairs rooms.
  2. Once the ceilings are in, we come back to do the ceiling cut-outs, connect the outdoor compressor up, install the controllers and if there is power – test it thoroughly and balance it to ensure perfect comfort for each room.

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