Equip Your Home with the Most Advanced Smart Home Air Conditioning System

Give your family the most comfortable home possible with Que smart air-conditioning.

Que is the most advanced smart home air conditioning system yet, giving you full access and monitoring of your system so that you’re always in control. With its flexible zone management and intuitive features, you can set each room’s temperature easily at any time, helping you reduce your electricity bill and making your home more energy-efficient.

Set each room’s temperature and airflow with precise temperature controls, humidity sensors, and flexible zone mapping. Automate operations at any time you want with its handy scheduling functions, and monitor your energy use with a comprehensive energy history, which provides insights on how much power you’re using.

All-in-One Management

Set, adjust, and monitor every aspect of your home’s air-conditioning with Que’s fully integrated system. Forget dealing with multiple AC units for every room on your property. Que lets you manage everything from one place.

Sleek Modern Design

Each Que device features a sleek design that’s beautiful to look at and a delight to hold. Its smooth and elegant design will surely make it look natural in any modern home.

Intuitive Interface

Que’s simple and seamless interface makes managing your air-conditioning system a breeze. With Que, you can always find the right tool quickly to adjust settings on the fly.

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Que - The Only Smart Air-Conditioning System You’ll Need

Que offers a fully integrated network of devices and systems that make controlling and managing your air-conditioning incredibly easy.

que touch 1b 300x240 - Que

Que Touch

This master controller for your Que system is a 5.7” full-colour touchscreen with a dedicated dashboard. It provides access to every Que feature available, allowing you to monitor key aspects like temperature, humidity, fan speed, gas pressure, and energy usage all from this smart device. It also boasts anodised aluminium and brushed stainless steel materials that make it a joy to use and hold.
que zone 1b 300x240 - Que

Que Zone

Que’s dedicated zone controllers let you control the temperature in its assigned zones or even turn on your entire Que system. Because it’s wireless, you can install these units at various locations on your property easily. It offers individual zone control, zone timers, system control, and a clear graphical display for easy reading and monitoring.
que sense 1b 300x240 - Que

Que Sense

These wireless remote sensors work the same way as the Que Zone sensors, except they’re smaller and controlled only by the Que Touch Master Controller or the Que Connect app. These sensors are perfect for kid’s rooms, playrooms, and other areas where you want to avoid the accidental changing of setting from curious little fingers.
que connect 2b 300x240 - Que

Que Connect

Que’s dedicated mobile app lets you control your Que air-conditioning system from any Internet-enabled smart device. Turn your air-conditioning on or off, adjust temperatures precisely, and monitor your system to make sure it’s running the way you want – all from the comfort of your smartphone or tablet. Whether you’re at home, at the office, or out of the country, Que connect will give you full access to your system.

Create the perfect conditions for your family with smart home air-conditioning that’s always ready to make you more comfortable.

With Que, you can set the mood and create the right atmosphere quickly. You can even assign different temperatures for different areas of your property, making everyone feel at home instantly. It’s smart controls and in-depth monitoring also lets you save energy and reduce your electricity bills, giving you one of the most cost-effective air-conditioning solutions for your home.
QueTouch UnderTheHood - Que

A Smart Home is a Comfortable Home

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